One-on-one off-road Motorcycle Training for awesome people seeking adventure and community!

Beat the Boredom of Routine!

Live For Adventure!

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Do you want to:


    • Learn how to ride with an instructor in a safe environment?


    • Rent a dirtbike for practice?


    • Get introduced to Off-Road Adventure Riding?



We get it – We’ve all felt cooped up and bored of the same old routine…
Especially this year!

We’ve been riding for many years, touring internationally, as well as within Canada, and now we’re training newbies to the motorcycle riding scene!

Our goal is to help spread the awesomeness and freedom of adventure and get you connected to the Moto Adventure community!

Get Started with Training

How Training Works

1. Book your training & bike rental package

Use the calendar schedule to book your day and time. A Credit Card payment can be made when you book to reserve your spot.

2. Meet at training spot

The dirtbike you’ll be renting will already be there along with your trainer, Maksym at Vedder Mountain Motorcycle Club staging area in Chilliwack.

3. You’ll learn all the basics and get started on the bike!

From beginning to end, your trainer will teach you every step of the way and make sure you understand the bike, the trails, and how to ride smart and safely.

Book a Training Package Today

Full Day Trials Motorbike Rental & Training

This training is designed for beginner riders who want to enter the exciting world of off-road motorcycle riding.
It will allow you to start building your new skill set using special tools such as a TRIALS BIKE. This bike will allow you to try things and get confident on them which otherwise will be very difficult to try and learn on a heavy adventure bike. Also during the training day, you will be able to try some single-track riding which will make you confident off-road and will prepare you for exciting adventure riding.
1 full-day event. During the day you should expect the following activities:
  • Theoretical Introduction to off-road motorbike riding – about 1 hour.
  • Training at the parking lot on the motorbike covers the most important aspects of off-road riding for 2-3 hours.
  • Ride-on single-track trails using your new skills for 2-3 hours.
  • Summing up during the BBQ dinner with beer (all included).
  • Trials bike rental and fuel are included.
  • Proper motorbike gear – boots, gloves, helmet, body armour are required.
  • Full class 6 motorcycle license required.

The price is $800.00 per day per person.
Additional training sessions are available.

The Experience

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