Adventure. Adrenaline. Sport. Exploring. Discovering. Euphoria. Beauty. Wilderness

Join us on our tours in Asia, North and South America and Africa. From the level of the ocean to passes of Pamir and Himalayas over 5000m a.s.l.. From Ushuaia in Patagonia to geysers in Iceland. From California to Mongolian planes. Wherever you want!


We always check the destinations before preparing an event there. And we only take you to places we consider the best!

Vehicle transportation

If you want to travel on your own we’ll be glad to help you getting your vehicle to the destination of your choice.

We have something for everyone

Regardless of your experience, age or type of your bike – we certainly have the perfect trip for you!


Tours the whole year round. With Advfactory the motorcycle season never ends. If it’s sunny somewhere in the world – that’s where we’ll go!

Small groups

We prepare our tours for small groups of 6-10 participants.

Support car

To ensure maximum comfort and safety a support car is there for every trip. You may need some assistance or a cool beer after all!