Our employees and associates have never met each other and probably never will. Most of us live in Europe, but there are also Kyrgyz, Argentineans, Chileans, Indians, Mongols, Canadians and Americans. The members of Advfactory family speak different languages and come from different cultures. They are doctors, scuba divers, blacksmiths, journalists, musicians, ski instructors, and Andrez is a professional clown. We all, however, have one thing in common – we love to travel. This project would not have been possible without true passion. is more than just a business – it’s our way of life.



The name Advfactory is a combination of two words: adventure and factory. It came naturally, as we have always been passionate about creating experiences. We believe adventure starts the moment you hit off-road and we always try to go off the beaten track. We have been traveling for so many years, we have become wanderers – always curious, always exploring.


This attitude drove us to visit six out of seven continents. It also allowed Advfactory to offer trips to the most stunning places in the world; Pangong Tso, Bartangu Valley, Song Kul, Salar de Uyuni. Even the names are a promise of something unusual and unforgettable. In our quest to organise trips as best as we can, we never take you to places we had not visited and checked before. The destinations are the result of our careful choices. We reject what is less attractive to show you what we consider to be the BEST …


The expeditions we offer are unique and require detailed preparation, years of experience and knowledge of the terrain – it’s rather unlikely you’d reach these places on your own. When traveling with us, you will not be an ordinary tourist bypassed by a route tour bus somewhere on the road. Our goal is to let you encounter the authentic culture and history of the country we visit. You will sleep in yurts, try real Argentinian steaks, drink Himalayan masala tea and taste kumis. To ensure the real experience all our trips are accompanied by local associates.


We also want to make sure an emergency such as vehicle failure or an injury does not spoil the trip for rest of the participants. Therefore, a support car is always there to guarantee maximum comfort and safety.


As most of our routes lead through high mountains: Himalayas, Andes, Pamir, Tien Shan, Hindukush, every trip is planned in the tiniest detail, so as to provide the best possible service in those demanding conditions. The weather is always a very unpredictable yet crucial factor when travelling, so we are prepared for different scenarios and know alternative routes.

Years of experience have taught us not to fight nature but to adapt to it. Just accept what the road gives you. We know that is how the most unforgetable adventures happen.